MKN has set the benchmark for professional kitchenware – both at home and abroad. This is primarily due to the fact that we are totally committed to delivering only top quality products. But two other factors are equally important – durability and thermal efficiency. Take just two examples that embody these features – our FlexiCombi combi steamer range and the multifunctional FlexiChef. This is kitchenware in a class of its own – designed and built to reduce energy costs and also to last a lifetime.

At MKN it’s always the customer who comes first. If he wants a tailor-made solution for his specific needs, then that’s what he gets. On the other hand, we also offer a range of standardized modules that can be combined in a whole variety of ways. Each and every element has been designed to give optimal performance. All the customer needs to do is select the modules he requires and leave the rest up to MKN. The result will always be an innovative kitchenware solution, an integrated range of equipment that enables the chef to serve the very best in cuisine.

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